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Guruji BirthDay Celebrations

September 26, 2010

Birthday celebrations of our beloved Guruji, the divine soul born to guide the destinies of those fortunate persons who came into contact with him, fell on 26th September. It was an occasion to celebrate for his disciples who gathered at the residence of Guruji at Visakhapatnam. A day before Guruji birthday (25-Sep-2010) homam was conducted on the terrace of Guruji's Apartments, by a one of Guruji's disciples with Sri Guru Mantra { Ka-e-i-la-hrim-amrita ha-sa-ka-ha-la-hrim-ananda sa-ka-la-hrim-janani} for 50000 times between 5:30 PM till 1:30 AM.


The celebrations included the following:

  1. Welcome to Guruji and Amma, Devipuram Veda Pathasala students
  2. Shodasa Upacharams (Sixteen sevas) to Guruji and Amma
  3. Devotees offering flowers to Guruji and Amma feet with Gurunamavali, Sri Guru mantra recitation
  4. Guruji Bhashan
  5. Cake cutting
  6. Natyopacharam to Guruji and Amma (Guruji's disciples)
  7. DVD Release: DVD on 'Guru Purnima 2010', 'Guru Charitam', 'Abhishekam' & 'Saraswathi Tantra' was released by Devipuram Media Lab. (Thanks to the hard work of Madhavi)
  8. Prasadam and Gana Kacheyri by Smt. Pavani
The terrace of the Building was colorfully decorated and devotees started gathering from 4 PM onwards. Around 5.30 PM when Guruji and Amma arrived they were welcomed by the students of Devipuram Veda Pathasala with Guru stothram from Sri Guru Gita. Shodasa upacharams (Sixteen sevas) were performed to Guruji and Amma by devotees with the new SRI Gurumantram {Ka-e-i-la-hrim-amrita ha-sa-ka-ha-la-hrim-ananda sa-ka-la-hrim-janani} strengthened with Panchadasi.
The atmosphere reverberated with the mantra which all devotees repeated. After Paada Puja, Guruji addressed the gathering. He said his birthday is the birthday of all of us as it is the birthday of Guru i.e. Lord Siva and Adiparashakti. Moreover Guru is always in the heart of his/her devotees so it is a common birthday celebration and everybody is to be greeted.
In his Birthday message he advocated the following for his devotees: 1. Repeat the Panchadasi Gurumantram at least 108 times daily OR listen to the newly upload "Audio" file to the website with the name SriGuru.mp3 and sing along with the music.
2. Do LIKHITA Mantrajapam. Write the Mantram 54 times on the printed leaflet on which the first line contains a fascimile of the mantram in Guruji's handwriting and send the leaflet to Devipuram with Rs 27 (Rupees Twenty seven).The money will be used for a good cause.
3. If you can't send it still no problem,
You can use those papers to pack Kumkum distributing to other devotees who visit your home so that they can also get the LIKITA JAPAM blessings (or) b. You can offer it into Homam taking place any place by yourself (or) c. When sent to Devipuram, they will be placed below the new Khadgamala Idols bottom along with Yantra
4. Regarding accommodation @ Devipuram:
Since many people said in past that they don't find good / comfortable facilities to stay overnight at Devipuram, SRI VILLA is built spending lot of money. Now it is for the devotees to promote occupancy of SRI VILLA.They should impress upon their relatives and friends that staying for three nights in Devipuram will be of immense help to relieve worry and tension and will also help for spiritual advancement, and send them to stay in SRI VILLA.
They can celebrate functions in their families at SRI VILLA where there are facilities to stay and function halls to celebrate and a modern kitchen for delicious and hygienic food.
After Guruji's speech, the Birthday cake was cut by Guruji who offered the first piece to Amma. After cake cutting, Kumari Pavani rendered a melodious Birthday song and devotees danced happily. The celebrations came to a close with a delicious dinner. Devipuram Media Lab team provided a LIVE broadcast of Guruji's birthday and "Yes it was great success". As it was on trial basis, we were unable to give enough notice to all the disciples. The credit for LIVE broadcast goes to Mr. Bhargav. Kindly refer to the following link for videos pertaining to the birthday celebrations:
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What is Srividya ?



Sri Vidya is the Mantra, Sri Chakra is the Yantra, and Sri Kalpa is the Tantra, which give material benefits (bhoga) as well as spiritual identity with the Universal Life (moksha).

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An age old paradigm of circles of people sharing with love as spirituality.

Over time, physical bonding tends to frustrate freedom. When people feel frustrated, they resort to telling lies to preserve their bond. But telling lies reduces self worth. Whenever the ego-self of a person is hurt, anger results. Anger comes from having to conform to other’s values, helplessness, and limiting freedom. Suppressed anger leads to neurotic diseases. So the highest value is freedom. But Love does make life enjoyable and worth living. So a commitment to bondage of love is equally valuable.

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Better Life for You

Our goals are 1. to give you a better quality life and 2. to make you a teacher to share with others what you have learned. 

Shift your focus from yourself to others, sharing what you have. Spiritual evolution starts happening only then. The idea makes sense, because your environment will start supporting you sharing love with you.  Your life becomes that much easier, and enjoyable.

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Meanings of Linga and Yoni


We have, hidden within our own deeper awareness, wonderful Gods and Goddesses in embryo who have but one intention: to bring the sacred and hi quality life back into our lives. Tantra expands horizons about masculine Self and feminine World into a living experience of the eternal time with infinite space.

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Inner Soma

Inner Soma

The Goddess’ force releases the Soma, the eternal nectar of immortality. She prepares our sacred vessel to receive Shiva’s beatitude as the healing balm of meditative stillness. Shakti initiates an inner inebriation, a subtle intoxication beyond the limitations of our dualistic thoughts and emotions. Her overwhelming state is one of passion, enthusiasm, peace, sheer delight and rejuvenation, beyond any body or personhood.

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Sacred Feminine

Sacred Feminine: Fear and Love

Focusing the light of love on our inner world creates the space for real transformation.We need to focus on the abundance of the universe, which is there for everyone alike. Learning to appreciate our existence unfolds the Soma of gratitude, where we realize the value of everything in the universe.

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Mantra Yoga

Mantra Yoga

If our mind is noisy, disturbed, hyper-sensitive, reactive, opinionated, critical, or just constantly busy, we cannot silence it. If we are addicted to sensory sources of stimulation and entertainment, we are not even in control of our minds and so cannot focus them in for stability in meditation.

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Divinity within will not allow the mind to dwell on negative thoughts and emotions, fears, desires, jealousy and hatred, or to be controlled and distracted by external influences. With the mantra, we have a tool for redirecting the energy of the mind within so that we can reclaim our inner composure. Mantras can help us break up deep-seated mental and emotional patterns, conditioning and traumas even from previous lives.

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Symbols Of Creation

Symbolic meanings of creation: Linga and Yoni in Kundalini Yoga

It would be wrong to look at the linga and the yoni merely in human sexual terms, just as it would be to see the Deities of Shiva and Shakti as only symbols of sexuality. Sexuality, no doubt, is imortant, it is the second strongest (after hunger) of our biological and psychological urges. Yet sexuality can create greater and higher forces, for which it is a starting point.

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