About Devipuram



SriVilla is a comfortable, hygienic, and a safe holiday home for you, your friends or your employees close to the spiritual ashram Devipuram 30kms from Vizag, AP, India.

Devipuram ashram resort has an ambience of serene nature spirit sculptures. In the whole world there is only one place  Devipuram where you can practice SriChakra Puja in front of life sized Khadgamala devatas inside a Sri Yantra. Devipuram is the place for satvic Goddess worshippers who want to learn or practice the secret and sacred traditions of tantra.

You can just visit Devipuram  during festive season oct-feb for 1 week to participate in rituals, or stay for a month during off season to learn/deepen your spiritual practice. Both these ideas are combined into called SRI Villa guest house. It is an ideal way for having a holiday home rejuvenating your family, friends or employees.

You can volunteer to team up with locals, learn customs and conditions in rural areas make friends, and belong to joyful living together groups. Music – dance – rituals are here for you to create, practice and teach. You can be a priestess in the temple here if you wish even temporarily. You can do pujas to women and girls.

For sheer pleasure and peace, a country-boat ride in a lotus pond takes the pride of place. A 1000 year old temple for Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha built out of a single rock at Simhachalam, an ancient Buddhist monument at Bojjannakonda, lovely 25km stretch of crystal blue coromandel beaches are all within one hour of drive. At Borra caves just 3hrs away, stalactite and stalagmite formations make you wonder at the patient divine hand that sculpted them.

You can get a/c and non a/c rooms with a double bed, attached bath, and temple / gardens view. A/c Dormitories can accommodate upto 9 beds each.

Facilities in SRIVILLA  include:

  • A cafeteria to taste healthy south / north / continental cuisines.
  • Rent A hall accommodating 200 for marriages/ conferences/ concerts
  • Rent 6 special a/c suites for families of more than 3.
  • Rent 3 low cost dorms accommodating 12-24 for doing group workshops.
  • Rent 3 a/c halls accommodating 50 to beat the heat and make friends.
  • Gift shops 3 to buy divine art works. Travel counter to book your journeys.
  • Gardens adjoining temple to relax or rendezvous with friends.
  • Adequate parking lots.
  • On call tourist cabs to take you places

The increasing popularity of Devipuram has been drawing pilgrims from all over the world throughout the year.  We have had visitors from all over North America, Europe and even the Middle East and Africa.   Although anyone who visits Devipuram and stays here for a few days has always had spiritually empowering and rejuvenating experiences, SRI Villa, is a multi-facility complex conceived by Guruji, precisely addressing these needs of any visiting pilgrim. By using it as a serene destination as a resort you are   getting dual benefit. One is stay with comforts and the other is paying a small price to a great cause of promoting Devipuram as the remunerations go to the development of temple, annadhanams and veda patashala and women empowerment programs.



Sri Villa at Devipuram
Devipuram is fast becoming a Global Resource for Goddess Worship. Now, a villa named Sri to fulfill your dreams is coming up with an affordable timeshare concept, which allows you or your nominees to stay free for 37 days every year. 

What people are saying about Devipuram today:

I have traveled the length and breadth of India, but nowhere have I seen such a geometric design for a temple- the whole temple is a magnificent Sri Yantra – MahaKali, Maha Lakshmi, Maha Saraswati, All the Khadgamala deities are here – An inspiring Pyramid structure exhibiting the adorable passions of Nature – Any facilities for over night stay in this Maha Shakti Kshetra?

I would like to do workshops here - Arrange cultural events – Conduct group rituals – Nice if some dorms are here – Can we get delicious food and rest in a cool place in hot afternoons? - Find true soul mates – Get healed – Get Reiki, Sauna - Well maintained Gardens and parking will make this place a heaven – Like to stay here all time, but what about my job? – Can I spend a few days here every year? - Any affordable suites for people who like to serve Goddess here and spend time in peace? - Like to give my near and dear a lasting gift of staying here………

Sri villa will have: a function hall for 150, a dining area for 150, dorms for 72, 6 a/c suites and 30 rooms for couples. The rooms are on offer as timeshares at Rs 1,08,000, entitling 7 days free stay in season-October to January, and 30 days off- season. Adequate parking, toilets are provided. If you want relatives to stay in an old age home, they can use the facilities here by paying for 5 timeshares.

Frequently asked questions about timeshares:

Can two or more people buy jointly?
Sure. They share the cost and time allotted.

Can we accumulate unused time?
Sure. An e-card will track records.

Any club arrangement?
We are working on Kondakarla Lotus pond,, Buddhist monuments of Bojjanna Konda, Simhachalam, Annavaram, Araku valley, Borra caves, and Vizag beach resorts.

Volunteer opportunities?
Yes, many. Rural schools. Medical outreach. Temple services……

How can I help?
Please make copies, circulate to friends, give a lasting, loving gift to near and dear.

How do I buy a time share?
Each time share costs INR 1,08,000/-, please visit below page for remitting the funds.

Payment Information
Kindly refer to the following URL: Payment Info